Stress, Fatigue, and the Custom Applicator

Spring and early summer is busy time period for people involved in agricultural field services. This includes employees who work in fertilizer plants and those who do custom application (herbicides, fertilizer, etc).  Several studies point to a direct connection between "hours worked" in a week and the potential for INJURY.

Commercial applicators often deal with 80+ hour work weeks, fatigue and seasonal stress!  Stress is confounded by:
  • relatively low pay for a complex and demanding job
  • farmer customers with sometimes unrealistic expectations
  • lack of personal time for family, friends, and self
  • potential worries about the long-term health effects of pesticide exposure
  • lack of sleep
  • concerns about spray drift and the potential consequences of an application error
  • lack of communication with co-workers, managers, or family members
  • increasing complexity of equipment and products
The publication Stress, Fatigue, and the Custom Applicator deals with many of these issues in a positive way and provides SPECIFIC, positive suggestions for both workers and managers to better manage stress and reduce the risks during these critically busy and potentially dangerous times of the year.

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