Financial Worries Connected to Sleep Loss & Possible Injury Risk

From the Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan, data suggests that cash-flow and other financial worries can lead to loss of sleep during critical "busy" seasons.

The abstract says: "Farm work involves seasonal peak busy periods with long hours of work and potential sleep loss. ...During peak agricultural seasons, 31.6% of owners/operators reported less than 6 hours of sleep per night compared to 6.3% during the non-peak seasons (p< .01). A significant relationship (odds ratio [OR] 3.59, confidence interval [Cl] 1.58-8.13) was observed between daily cash flow worry and impaired sleep during peak busy seasons. A large proportion of farmers surveyed suffered sleep deprivation during peak seasons, and this sleep loss appeared related to worries about cash flow that were not observed during non-peak seasons. It is possible that sleep loss during peak busy seasons may be related to impaired judgment, as shown by differential worry habits, and might also be related to the high injury rates in farmers during peak busy seasons."

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