Combine Fire Prevention & Preparedness

Note – these ag safety reminders can be tagged: “UW-Extension and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences” in the “fill in the blank” section of each. You can also personalize to fit your own needs and location. Timing on these should be approximately 30 seconds BEFORE the tag line.  If you choose to use these, please send an email to
During this year's harvest season, a $300 thousand dollar combine can become a smoldering scrap heap in a matter of minutes. Combine and other farm machinery fires are common, but also preventable. Make sure your equipment is properly adjusted and maintained. Keep all areas of combines and tractors clean of crop residue and other flammable material buildup. Every combine should also be equipped with at least two ten-pound ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers. This message is brought to you by _____________________________, working with communities to promote a healthy and productive Wisconsin agriculture.

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