Collection of Recent Farm Stress Resources - by John Shutske (will keep updating)

Here is a quick one-stop place for stress-related articles (annotated where possible).  This is NOT comprehensive.  It is the material I have written, provided source material for, and/or developed in the last couple years.

Fact Sheets and Educational Bulletins

  • Farm Stress and Decision Making During Challenging Times -- A comprehensive piece on farm stress and stress management practices related to communication, planning, education, personal health, nutrition, etc.  Also contains a top-ten list of important safety-related reminders because of the connection between farm injury and stress.
  • Helping Tame Farm Stress - a Top Ten List - A basic piece for helping professionals (rural leaders, ag finance, consultants, service providers, feed salespeople, vets, educators, etc.).  How to help a farmer/family member regain a sense of control and hope when the stress response becomes overwhelming and incapacitates decision making.
  • Case Study - The McHenry Farm:  Our Brains on Stress - A combined story of about a dozen actual situations and scenarios from places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana - A typical few days in the life of a farm family showing both the obvious acute impacts of stress, the damaging impacts of chronic stress and depression, and the outcomes on health, safety, children, communication and relationships.

Media Articles

PowerPoint Presentations

Additional info is available by request.

  • Our Brain on Stress - Original 2017 presentation used with 15+ groups around Midwest/U.S. (has since been modified)
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